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05/02/2021  YMCA Masters Swim Festival

The YMCA will be hosting the YMCA Masters Swim Festival on May 20 - 23, 2021 at the Powell-Crosley Jr. YMCA in Cincinnati. This meet will have the look of a typical YMCA Nationals with a feel closer to our recent DAS Nationals. We have been training intensely again since our DAS Nationals and will taper once more before this meet. You can come swim for all or part of this meet Relays will be determined by who is available each day. Entries are due by May 17 so if you are going to participate please get working on this ASAP! Those of you who have gone to the YMCA Nationals in Florida with us in the past know that this group runs a great meet. It should be very fun!

The signup details are like the YMCA Nationals so please read the following carefully:

1. Signup with the South YMCA (Kettering branch of the Dayton YMCA) for a one-month YMCA membership. If you are a Dayton YMCA member already, then nothing else is needed. You are required to be a YMCA member to participate in this meet. The signup form is attached. The membership cost is $34.40. Membership form and payment are due by 17 May to:

Melinda Moore, Executive Director

The South YMCA / The YMCA of Greater Dayton

4545 Marshall Road, Kettering, OH 45429


2. The meet packet is available below. Read the packet carefully.

3. Finally, complete and submit the signup sheet with payment which is due by 17 May.

All the required forms are listed below:

See You at the Pool


05/02/2021  YMCA Swim Festival - Forms

Sorry - the forms for the YMCA Swim Festival were not attached to the previous email. To download the forms, please visit the web site at

See You at the Pool


04/21/2021  YMCA Masters Swim Festival, Cincinnati May 21-24


We've received news that the YMCA folks are planning a meet at the Powell-Crosley YMCA on the north side of Cincinnati, May 21-24.

Thursday and Friday will have evening events and then morning events on Saturday and Sunday.

It will be at an outdoor facility, 50 meter pool, configured with two 25 yard courses.

I'm sure some of us will want to participate!

For the next three weeks we will be bumping our training back up to fairly rigorous and then will taper again before this meet.

This is all we know so far. As we get more information I will send it out.

See You at the Pool


04/19/2021  DAS Nationals Completed!

What a super fun weekend!

The TEAM energy was high and there was much some high level swimming.

I know that Chloe, Margaret and Lieneke all put up Masters and some Lifetime bests...I apologize that there was so much swimming going on I'm not sure about some others who may have accomplished this!

Special thanks to the following:

-Cody for guiding us all with the overall training plan worked!

-To those who helped coach this past year.....Cody, Barb, Dan, Jason and Dutch.

-Margaret and Cody for putting together the technology for our first video dance contest :)

-Jeanne for being such a reliable Lifeguard for the majority of our practices (and giving up training with us when she is working)

-DRAC for supporting our program.

-And all of you who come join us with so much enthusiasm :)!!!

See You at the Pool


04/14/2021   DAS Nationals weekend update

It's here! Please come join us at DRAC for as much of the weekend as you can. Whatever works for you is ok with us!

Swimming, food, prizes and great folks to share time with. What could be more fun :)!!!

Be ready to swim and come prepared with whatever you need to be comfortable between events.

Remember this is the one meet that you have total control over what you swim and when you swim it. You can even change your mind on your way to the blocks......and you can do the same event more then once if you choose to.


Friday 6:30-8:00am

Saturday 1:30 to 4:30pm

Sunday 8-10:00am (note the early start!)

Immediately after the Saturday session we will have pizza outside. Please bring chairs and if you have an outdoor table you could bring one, though we have a few already.

Please supply your own beverages and if you want to bring a side or dessert I'm sure it will be appreciated.

See You at the Pool


04/02/2021  DAS Nationals, April 16-18


We have completed our first taper week! Two more to go and then we will have our DAS Nationals weekend. Come join all or what ever parts you can.

Below is the general schedule. This is open only to DAS team members. No spectators, though we could use 3-4 volunteers to assist with timing on Saturday and Sunday.

I will be sending separately an optional "entry sheet" which will help the preliminary organization. Regardless, all DAS members are welcome to come and it is not necessary to "enter" ahead of time.

Friday 8:30-10:00am: warmup and then either 500, 1000 or 1650 in heats

Saturday 1:30-4:30pm: warmup and then events every 20 minutes. You pick how many events and what you are going to do. You can pick a 50, 100 or 200 of any stroke/IM at each event time. You plan your schedule! I suggest 3-5 events, though you are welcome to do as many...or as few as you desire.

1. 2:00pm (50,100, or 200)

2. 2:20pm " "

3. 2:40pm " "

4. 3:00pm " "

5. 3:20pm " "

6. 3:40pm " "

7. 4:00pm " "

8. 4:20pm " "

Sunday 8:00-10:00AM (note the early start)

1. 8:30am 400IM or 500 Free

2. 8:50am (50,100 or 200)

3. 9:10am " "

4. 9:30am " "

5. 9:50am " "

If you want to do both the 400IM or 500 free we will figure it out :)!

See You at the Pool


04/02/2021  DAS Nationals Optional entry sheet


If you are able please send me the event numbers and what you are thinking of doing if you have an idea and a plan for the sessions. You can type in below and send it back to me.

At this meet you are able to make changes at the last no worries if you get a different idea when the day arrives.

Friday 6:30-8:00am

1. (500, 1000 or 1650) - Pick one event, we will do these in heats with counters.

Saturday 1:30-4:30pm (I suggest 3-5 events, it's up to you)

2. 2:00pm (50,100, or 200)

3. 2:20pm (50,100 or 200)

4. 2:40pm (50,100 or 200)

5. 3:00pm (50,100 or 200)

6. 3:20pm (50,100 or 200)

7. 3:40pm (50,100 or 200)

8. 4:00pm (50,100 or 200)

9. 4:20pm (50,100 or 200)

Sunday 8:00-10:00AM (note the early start)

10. 8:30am (400IM or 500 Free)

11. 8:50am (50,100 or 200)

12. 9:10am (50,100 or 200)

13. 9:30am (50,100,200 or 400IM/500Free for those that did one of these at event #10 and want to do the other one)

14. 9:50am (50,100 or 200) The last event...everyone does something here!

See You at the Pool


04/02/2021  DAS Nationals , April 16-18, correct Friday time

Sorry....I made an error on the prior schedule. Our Friday morning time is 6:30-8:00am on April 16, our usual practice slot.

See You at the Pool


04/02/2021  Easter Morning practice


We will be having practice this Easter Sunday at our usual time. 8:30-10:00am.

Come join us for a swimming sunrise session!

See You at the Pool


03/19/2021  Anderson YMCA Meet, Cincinnati, March 27

For any of you interested here is the link and some info for the Anderson YMCA meet on Saturday March 27.

The registration period is open through midnight on Tuesday, March 23rd. Once the registration period is closed, we will send out heat sheets, COVID Screening Form as well as post results on Meet Mobile.

See You at the Pool


02/21/2021  DAS Nationals, April 16-18

YMCA Nationals is cancelled and USMS Nationals are delayed.

No worries for us.....we will be doing our own DAS Nationals Friday through Sunday, April 16-18!

We've been doing some great training and we will give ourselves the opportunity to take advantage of that.

Our training plan will include a full taper leading up to the event and it is designed so that those who want can have the opportunity to do some fast swims.

Here's the plan (may still evolve):

Friday 6:30-8:00am: meet warm up followed by either a 1650 or 1000 for time.

Saturday 1:30-4:30pm: meet warm up followed by events every 20 minutes or so. Each participant will decide what they want to swim, in what order, and how many events they want to do depending on their desired amount of rest. The focus on Saturday will be 50's, 100's and 200's.

Sunday 8-10:00am: meet warm up followed by either a 400 IM or 500 free and/or the option of some 50's, 100's or 200's

So, maximum flexibility. You can focus on fast swimming with plenty of rest or could do as many events as possible as a challenge workout.

This is limited to DAS swimmers only with perhaps a few volunteers to assist with timing.

This will be fun! There will be prizes and if the weather allows us to be outside we will do something involving food after Saturday and perhaps Sunday too.

See You at the Pool


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